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Full Version: Converting a XBMCBuntu box to headless server
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Hi guys,
I have used XBMCBuntu successfully for months now, but have recently started using a raspberry pi as a playback device (using xbian) and the xbmcbuntu box is now my server. To eliminate unnecessary processing and streamline the server a bit more, I'd like to convert the xbmcbuntu box to a headless server.

My question is....how do I do this? What do I need to remove and possibly put in place to achieve a headless server?
I'd rather not reinstall ubuntu server from scratch so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
set up vnc +ssh enable auto login to the desktop and unplug the monitor? not having a desktop environment may save some resources, but unless youre running some ancient hardware its not worth it. a desktop makes life so much easier...