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Full Version: Intel NUC - HD Audio on XBMC
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Hi everyone,

Thinking of pulling the trigger on an Intel NUC for my HTPC box.

I'd like to run in linux / XBMCbuntu.

HD Audio is important, will this function correctly?
Also, how much RAM / HD space is best?
I believe hd audio will work on kernel 3.7 and greater. Ram: 4g will be enough. Hard drive: xbmcbuntu needs only 4GB. Difficult to find a drive that small, but a 60 GB SSD would do just fine.
Does the newest Version of xbmcbuntu include kernel 3.7?
No, but for sure 3.8 or newer is best to ensure that it does include the patch and CTLINDEX fixes too.

You can however upgrade the kenel manually see http://askubuntu.com/questions/119080/ho...ro-upgrade

Obviously you need to use correct and newer links but those instructions should apply fully.

However dont come back moaning it didnt work as this is only theoretical (read I dont have intel GPU or HD audio equipment to test either way).