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Full Version: XBMCBunutu booting but not xbmc
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Sry that i have to ask a stupid questens. I updated my videodrivers in xbmcbuntu and wanted to reboot my HTPC, dont know why i didnt do it via the terminal. For the reboot i used the xbmcbuntu logout menu and must have chosen the wrong button (keyboad navigation). Now my HTPC ist still booting but only in terminals. I can switch between 3 or 4 Terminals and in one terminal i get some messages that they that the lirc service is started and is waitin for inputs. I tried to login but with my known username and password but i get the messsage login incorrect. Bevore i do a fresh install i wanted to ask if it is possible to start directly xbmc again.

Thx for help in advance!
you most probably broke the video driver, otherwise the X server would come up.
okay, is there a way to reinstall the driver? or is it better to do a fresh install? xbmc library is synced via mysql so not data is gettin lost! Smile
Sure try:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall mysteriousdriver

Replace mysteriousdriver with your driver packages names (Sice you dont say which driver it is to begin with.

sry, it is a amd ati of zotach AD02. But to do a reinstall and need a password and username to login. Is there a default one??

that is a good question! Smile but i give it a try and thanks for your help! i will let you know what happend!
first, got logged in.
sec, i did a fresh install. Smile Much easier for me and took the same time, for me. Smile

But thanks for ur help and very fast answers!

thread can be closed!