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Full Version: Music stop for a second
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I have minimal Ubuntu 12.10 with XBMC 12.10 (XBMC (12.1 Git:0d373cc), Platform: Linux (Ubuntu 12.10, 3.5.0-25-generic x86_64)).

When I play music I have a strange issue. Randomly the music stop for a one or two seconds and then continue playing . Its happens randomly but aprox. twice per minute. It looks like CPU is busy, but I have core i3 3220T and debugg mode show CPU load about 5-15%.

I try to switch back to original skin (normaly i use Aeon MQ4) - no change.
I try to turn off lyrics add-on CU LRC Lyric - no change.

Do you know where is the problem? Is it possible that Artistslideshow add-on cause this problem?

There is a short log from xbmc.log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=6424
Set your speaker number to 2.0 and retry.

And post complete debug logs - thanks.