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Full Version: Movie set management
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Once the warnings are removed from the option A stuff, then I'm happy for that to go in. Reason for getting the warnings out now is because I don't think they'll be needed later on (once a better window has been come up with) so no point adding a bunch of new strings just to delete them again later. You could pop the warnings in a separate commit in a separate branch if you want them there for later in case we don't get the new shiny window, or in case users find it too confusing anyway.

For the option B stuff, I'll review the code over the weekend and, assuming I can't find anything too wrong with it (unlikely), I'm happy for it to be in as a trial until a better solution has been realised (or the functionality is removed). I would like to see a decent wider forum discussion about it to see what others think as they use it.

@jmarshall - do you want both the "last movie in set" and "adding movie to X will remove it from Y" warnings removed? Also if removing the first warning, we don't need the check for orphan sets anymore either.
I'd remove the latter for sure. User can easily re-add the original set anyway, right? For the former, I presume only sets that actually have one movie actually show up in the list though by default, right? Perhaps as a workaround we could show all sets in the database there? (a clean should clean any orphaned one out).
To the first point, I don't doubt a user knows how to re-add a movie to a set. The reason for this was that when in option B, you are just cherry picking movies to be added/removed for the selected set. What you don't know at that point is which set each movie currently belongs to. So your end result is fine, you just don't know what "collateral damage" you've done to other sets, especially if you're a regular user who doesn't know what a M:1 relationship is, and that a movie can only be added to 1 set only.
But OK, I'll take it out.

Regarding the second point on orphan sets, I'm using CDirectory::GetDirectory on videodb://1/7/ so that would require me to revert to using database queries instead.
update: there seems to be a query in CleanDatabase that cleans up the orphan sets anyway. So I guess we can just leave it this way and remove the warning.
pull request has been updated.

First commit: option a) without the warnings
Second commit: option b)
Third commit: the warnings
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