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Full Version: XBMC plays all videos fast and with no sound (Now with log)
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My XBMC has started playing all my videos too fast with no sound. I'm using XBMC 12.0 Git:20130127-fb595f2 on Windows 7.
When I play the videos in VLC player they run fine and XBMC has played them fine previously.

Can anybody help me figuring out what the issue is?
Found out there was a newer version of XBMC, so I upgraded to this: XBMC 12.1 Git:20130317-od373cc.

However, this didn't change anythig, but just wanted to let you know.
I have created a debug-log which someone hopefully can get something out of;


I'm a bit lost and right now I can't really use my XBMC.
check ur audio settings

if u want further help we need more information about how are u connected (AVR/TV) and what are ur current audio settings within XBMC.
What device are you wanting to use for your audio?

You have a lot of audio devices in the log labeled as "SndTAudio" (18 in all), what are these? as it's one of these that XBMC appears to be using for audio.