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Full Version: Proxy in XBMC
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I have xbmc installed on windows 8 computer. I don't want to change the proxy for the whole computer by entering it in the windows... Is there anyway enter proxy servers/dns entry in xbmc?
If you go to System > Settings > Internet Access there's an option to use an http proxy server. I would assume that would only effect XBMC. I hope that's one very good private proxy for reliable streaming. Smile
Is this what you're looking for? System/Settings > System > Internet access

Stacman beat me to it! Smile
yes, in settings.

System|System|Internet Access
I know how to change proxy in windows but I am looking for a method to set proxy only for XBMC. System/Settings > System > Internet access This will change proxy for whole computer; I dont want to change proxy for computer but only for XBMC.. I couldnt find it in XBMC settings.
Did you try changing it in the internet access menu, and did it add the proxy server system wide? I haven't tried it myself, but I wouldn't think the settings in XBMC would add the proxy server to each browser you use. I think they're all independent of each other. But I'm going to play with mine to find out.


Setting the proxy in XBMC had no effect anywhere else. At least not for me in Windows 7 Ultimate.
Yes found it and thanks its working now. I was looking for this setting somewhere else... Smile