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Full Version: Resume from sleep issue
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Hi Guys,

I have the A75m-ITX mobo, Coolermaster Elite 120 & 450 Zalman PSU and I'm having some trouble resuming from sleep mode.

To put the system to sleep, I'm using the 'Power Toggle' button that I've configured with my Harmony 650 remote, the receiver I'm using is the one that comes with this package: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Windows-Control-...B003ZV3J72

I've changed the power button setting to 'Sleep' within Windows 7, the system correctly enters the 'Sleep' state as the relevant event is logged in the system tab of event viewer - the power LED on the HTPC case also blinks blue as it should. When trying to resume from sleep however, (using 'Power Toggle'), the IR recevier LED is lit solid and stays solid and the power LED on the case continues to blink suggesting that it's still in a sleep state.

The remote is then unable to send any further commands to the IR receiver as I assume it's stuck trying to send the signal to the PC to resume from sleep. What's also strange though, is that the power button on the HTPC case also has no effect, so I have to switch off the PSU from the back, wait a few seconds, then turn on using the power button.

Any ideas what might be happening here?
Have you checked your BIOS settings to be sure suspend/sleep support is enabled? Do you have the same problem with resume when you put the system to sleep from the Windows desktop (i.e., XBMC is not running)? If so, you may also want to check the various Windows support forums on-line, especially as it relates to this particular motherboard.
It's a strange one actually, I've been doing some further testing and found that 9/10 times it will go to sleep and resume OK using the power toggle on the harmony remote. However, when leaving the HTPC to go to sleep by itself (30 mins of inactivity) then it has trouble resuming sometimes.

I need to do some further testing to see if there are any common factors that cause this to happen. Will report back if I figure it out.
Try letting the system go to sleep by itself after 30 minutes from the Windows desktop (without XBMC running) and see if you have the same resume problem.
The same thing happens when letting the system sleep by itself.

I can shut down and start up from cold without a problem.
(2013-03-29, 13:01)denz13 Wrote: [ -> ]The same thing happens when letting the system sleep by itself.

This is without XBMC running?
Apologies for the delayed response, only just getting round to looking at this some more.

Ok, I've just tested putting it into 'sleep' with XBMC closed and I'm still unable to resume using the remote or USB keyboard. Not even the power button on the PC itself works... I have to flick the power switch on the PSU off for 10 seconds then flick on, and only then will it resume, but only with the power button on the PC.

Very strange, I built this PC myself and I'm confident all cables etc, are in the right places on the motherboard, but if there's a possibility I messed up somewhere, how should I troubleshoot it?

This is an issue I'm keen to get resolved, as you can imagine having to turn off the PC then on again manually gets tedious whilst all of my other TV connected devices can be powered on/off by remote.

Any help here appreciated.

Maybe someone who has experience with the a75m-itx can help?
Today I've updated the BIOS and all drivers as well as disable hybrid sleep but the problem persists.

I just can't figure out why even the power button on the pc itself doesn't bring it out of sleep mode...
Just an update on this for any of those interested (Not many based on the replies Big Grin)

I performed a clean install on Windows 7 and it now appears to be working OK, I'll keep an eye out in case an update or any changes I make cause it to break again.