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Full Version: How does XBMC determine what is a compilation and what is not ?
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I have several "multiple artists" discs/compilations (like "the best of latin jazz") that I expected to appear under compilations but they dont. The compilations listed there seem to be only the albums that i marked as "compilation" previously in iTunes.

I also would like to know which artists would disappear from the Artist view if I unmark the "Include artists who appear only on compilations" option.

If the "Artist album" field for all tracks in "The Best of latin Jazz" album has the same value (ie: "the best of latin jazz compilation")... shouldnt it appear under Compilations ¿

Ive also read that the "Album Artist" tag shouldnt be set in order to XBMC determine the album is a compilation... but i thought that the "album artist" field was indeed to set albums as compilations if it has the same value for all tracks! Sad
If the album artist is set to anything other than "Various" "Various Artists" or "VariousArtists" then it's not interpreted as a compilation without some extra help, such as a compilation flag on every track.

For the actual methods, it's best to consult the source. See