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Full Version: Frodo replicates MySQL Database over all profiles
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Unsure if this has been covered or if I've missed it in FAQ somewhere;

I've just upgraded from Eden v11 to Frodo v12.1
For some reason now in Frodo, the MySQL database from my server replicates over all profiles on the client systems, regardless of the separate sources linked with each profile..
As a result, both libraries are combined in one with a mix of sources under either profile selected.
The database has now changed from myvideos60 to myvideos75 as suspected to support Frodo, but I never seemed to have this issue with Eden.

Basically I'm trying to run 2 profiles on each client system
Master User - Locally stored library/files
User 2 - Network stored files running via the MySQL database

This issue is apparent across all 5 XBMC Clients now upgraded to Frodo
2x Win7, 2x 2008 Server, 1x ATV2

Network setup or clients haven't changed, environment is all the same.
Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Have you changed the configuration of all clients to use your MySQL database as explained in the wiki ?
It sounds like you still have your clients pointing to their local database.

EDIT: you want to use both local AND mysql databases at the same time - I am not sure that is possible.
All clients have been updated to use the MySQL Database yes; this was done a while back when the MySQL Database was integrated.

I figured separate profiles would continue to allow me to use both a separate local source and a separate network database source.
Though having said that, I've now rolled back to Eden and can't replicate the functioning environment I previously had;
all profiles now replicate the same 2 sources - both database and local.

The only way I can think to get around it, is to run 2 instances of XBMC on the same machine..
It should work exactly as you described/expected it to. Different profiles should allow for different DBs, be it MySQL for one, and local DB for another.

Can you get us a debug log (wiki) from a profile that is getting mixed?