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Full Version: No Optus Satellites
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Here I am down under in NZ... Using Optus D1 @ 160E for my Free-view. I install Argus & go to set it up, to my horror there is no Optus D1. Does anyone know how to hack it so I can add it?

details about my local sat are here http://www.lyngsat.com/Optus-D1.html
Hey buddy, another NZer here. It's because ARgus is a european based software... I've gotta talk to Dot-I about including it as standard as I have to amend satellites.xml everytime! What you can do is go to http://satellites-xml.eu/ select the Optus D1 option, save as xml. Then you need to go to C:\programdata\Argus-TV\Tuning and replace satellites.xml with the one you downloaded... AS your in NZ you won't need all the euro birds. This will allow you now to scan D1. Would recommned using NIT as this will pick up all the transponders on that bird instead of using the ones stored in the xml...
Awesome, thank you. I'll go give it a bash & let you know how I get on