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Full Version: id identify
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how to identify what ID should I use? I need that buttons follow in order.
            <control type="button" id="???">
                <description>Favourites push button</description>
                <texturefocus border="5">floor_buttonFO.png</texturefocus>
                <texturenofocus border="5">floor_button.png</texturenofocus>
            <control type="image" id="???">
                <description>Favourites Icon</description>
The <id> you use can be whatever you like (as long as it's not one already used in the same window, ofc). You reference it in the <onleft> etc. for navigation, if that's what you mean?
thx for explanation. i have in left corner favorites, power buttons and i want create more buttons, for example "reload skin". but i don't know there is my mistakes, because when i copy button code and change location <posx>110</posx> <posy>0</posy> and <onclick>ReloadSkin()</onclick> with narrow keys i cant navigate there just with mouse. what im doing wrong?