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Full Version: remote stream
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Well this is a crazy question. First i like to say that I will be making a Unraid server some short time in future. With that said. here is my crazy question.
I travel a lot and stay in hotels, is there a way that i could have a device or a laptop stream my unraid server to where I'm at?
yeah if you are prepared to pay hotel rates for data!
Technically do-able? Sure. But it may be more practical to simply copy some content from your server to your laptop or an external drive while at home before leaving on your trip. Unless you're going to be away from home months at a time, you'll probably be able to have enough local content with you to keep you entertained in your hotel room for many evenings. You also won't need to open up your home network to the outside world or deal with streaming hiccups due to issues with the hotel's network.