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Full Version: XMBC not adding movies to library
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Hi, there's probably a very simple fix to this, but I can't figure it out. I have been all over the internet looking for a solution and can't find one. Basically, here's the issue: I can add a source (F:\Videos\MOV) to the 'files' section of Videos in XMBC, but I can't figure out how to add them to the "Movies" library. By the way, the folder structure was like so:


When I added them, I did 'set content' as 'movies' and set the default scraper, but no scraping seemed to happen. Am I right in thinking that they should automatically be added to the movies library? Also, there was no "Run automated scan" option. I thought maybe there wasn't enough info in the folders for XMBC to recognize the movies, so I downloaded "Media Companion" on the recommendation of LifeHacker, and ran it on that directory, so now the structure is as follows:

------.actors (Folder)
------MovieTitle.srt (When applicable)

However, even after that scraping, XBMC didn't recognize the movies. So, I removed MOV from the source list, enabled debugging, then tried to re-add MOV to the library. Again, the videos failed to show in the Movies library, so here's the debug log: http://pastebin.com/w4Ei5YUf
The part that looks suspicius is the "12:34:48 T:5536 ERROR: CVideoDatabase::GetScraperForPath failed" line. Also, it seems to have failed creating the playlists, which makes me suspect that there's an issue with the XBMC drive mapping.
By the way, the folder is not shared or hidden in windows, and this is a clean XBMC install version 12.1.
ERROR: SQL: SQL error or missing database
                                            Query: select path.strContent,path.strScraper,path.scanRecursive,path.useFolderNames,path.strSettings,path.noUpdate, path.exclude from path where strPath='sources://'
12:35:24 T:5536   ERROR: CVideoDatabase::GetScraperForPath failed

When you set content, did you select Recursive scan? This will make it scan sub-folders for content. Also MovieTitle.tbn is deprecated..it should be MovieTitle-poster.jpg. If your Using MySQL to manage library, you need to use SMB path instead of local. If you only have 1 xbmc machine but are planning to have more with a shared library, i would move to SMB right now, even if your stuff is local. It will make upgrading easier later on.
Thank you, I added a mySQL database, and enabled sharing and now it works.