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Full Version: Radio addon
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I am looking for a radio addon that allows you add your own radio stations that stream music. I would like to add stations like Country 105 in Calgary or B104 in Cranbrook BC, I would like to build a library of my favourite radio stations. I see thousands of radion addons but not sure which addon would be best for what I want to do.I listen more to the radio than music downloads. If there is a radio addon that will allow you to do this, how do you add the radio station to a recommended addon that suits my needs. I have the lastest Frodo version of xbmc installed on Windows 7. .Any help on this would be much apprieciated. Thanks
Look in to using .strm files. If you can find the audio stream you should be able to play them this way.
Thanks, I'll check this out.
There is a video tutorial posted on Youtube showing how to add packs of strm files to XBMC.

It has a link to the packs where they are broken down by state.

All of the iHeart radio stations including the national ones are accessible on XBMC using the packs.

Just search for XBMC iHeart on Youtube.
I use TuneIn Radio. Works good for me.