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Full Version: I need help but I'm not sure where to post it.
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I'm running Openelec an a little Foxconn E350 with only 2GB's of RAM. All my movies are stored on a Synology NAS totaling around 6TB's. I have set the power option to "Suspend" so that it goes into sleep mode when I push the power button on my Harmony One remote. What I want is for it to scan my library when I wake it from Sleep mode. I don't know how to do this. I tried using Watchdog as an alternative but because my library is so large and my Foxconn's resources are so limited it slows me down and pops up error messages if it loses contact with the NAS for a second. If I can't have it automatically scan on wake is the something I can add to my "Favorites" section to run a scan manually?
Linux runs scripts when it resumes from sleep. You could add a script to kick off scanning via json-rpc. See the wiki for the gory details.
Thank you very much. Everything is working exactly how I want it now.