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Full Version: XBMC to Denon AVR - How is media handled?
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I'm getting a new case and PSU for my first Win 7 build and want to set things up properly when I rebuild with Frodo.

Synology stores media
HTPC connects to Denon 3312ci via HDMI

So, is the htpc or the AVR doing the rendering? Ideally I would assume the htpc is the streamer and the AVR is he renderer?

What is the best setup using Win 7 or 8 to get the best PQ and Audio?
The video should be passed through to the TV to display, although your Denon no doubt has the capacity to massage video on the way through. What comes out of the HTPC is ready for the display device (ie the TV).

The Denon will render the audio.
For me, I got the best audio/video by connecting HTPC to AVR and then from AVR to LEDTV via two HDMI cables. I set AVR to passthrough video to LEDTV. LEDTV can handles video by itself, and audio is decoded/process by AVR.....
I use a Denon 3311ci and have the DVI/HDMI input from Nvidia 8800GTS on Win8. I have the Denon input set to provide video scaling/conversion. You can turn that on/off on the Denon (at least 3311 assume 3312 works the same). I use WASAPI SPDIF audio from the Realtek driver. While you have HDMI out I don't think that makes a big difference, though obviously you can process the sound via that input.

scott s.