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Full Version: Updating Video Library searches through root of drive
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It seems that whenever I attempt to update my Xbmc video library the update procedure searches for videos in the root of my drive. As a result, a number of the folders in my root drive are interpreted as television shows and are added to my library. I then have to delete them. The problem is, I only have two video sources. I have a movies source folder and a television source folder. Both are specified as the desired video type, movies / TV. So why is Xbmc searching the root of my drive? I'm running 12.1 "Frodo" on a Ubuntu v.12.04 install.
Maybe you had set your video source at the root directory level?
I've checked and rechecked. Unless I'm missing how the videos library works, I have two sources, movies and television. Each of those point to their respective folder (EG: /home/user/videos/television/). Nothing points to root.
Check your sources.xml in your userdata (wiki) directory to confirm you don't have your root folder defined as a source.
I checked my sources.xml file and the sources matched the Files interface within XBMC, so they don't appear to be the problem. After some tedious searching I found this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=99373 -- Basically something is messed up internally within the database so it looks like I'll just need to start from scratch and delete my Database folder.