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Full Version: Removed locations
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Hi -
I have "safely remove"'d some locations in the videos/files folder using the context menu - but I didn't mean to - They were links to my USB HDD - How can I get them back? I had 4 folders from the HDD showing before I messed up - now I can only see 1 of them having "safely removed" the other 3 - I cannot seem to find a path or browse for them, - Sad
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

I split your post from an existing "Feature Suggestions" thread having to do with unmounting USB drives within XBMC. Your question is unrelated to this, so it deserves its own thread in the Help and Support forum.

Are you sure you had selected the "Remove safely" option rather than "Remove source"? From your description of having four folders from the *same* USB hard drive, I tend to think you had done the latter. If so, just add back each of the folders as sources. Either Videos > Files > Add videos (for video source) or Music > Files > Add source (for music source).