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Full Version: Search subpar because of 3 char limit
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Hi guys

I wonder if the 3 character filtering of searches could be revisited. As a nerd, I use a lot of acronyms and sometimes thats the primary way something is referred to. I would use google search to try and work around this, however, google search doesn't let me limit to one subforum.

This has come up for me in the past and when it does its a real pain in the butt. Today it happens to be "EPG" and I'mm wanting to limit to the confluence forum. Last time might have been 'MCE' ...
Hard to tell people to 'search the forum' when the search doesn't work all that well right?

thanks for considering
it's been said already, the limit is not set on our decision but IIRC a limitation of the mysql fulltext search engine (or some hardcoded setting in myBB somewhere).