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Full Version: "Mark Read" & "Subscribe" Missing on some topic headers.
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High crew,
Checked before I made this but couldn't find anything on it..

Just logged in with Chrome and are viewing some threads I have posted in to from Tapatalk..

Would like to Subscribe to them but noticed that there is not the buttons to do this on these two threads..


Yet I can see the "Mark Read" & "Subscribe" on this main topic area..

Is this a bug?
or can you only subscribe to Main topic threads and not individual threads within the Main heading?
"Subscribe to this thread" is on the lower-left of each page while reading a thread. By viewing a particular thread, you are in essence marking it as read (if you use the browser back button to return to the list of threads, you will have to reload the page in order to turn off the bold font on the thread you'd just opened, which signifies that the thread has no new posts (aka it has been "read")).
Thanks for the Reply..
hunted high and low for it..
Maybe drop that in to the FAQ Wiki so others can find it..