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Full Version: Proposal: Missing/mismatched videos log
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Just a thought on how we could better expose mismatched video data:

Videos that don't get scanned in are already recorded in the log file, but since the log file gets reset every two reboots, maybe make a separate "missing/mismatched" log for that info instead. Then the community can take it in their hands from there, like make an add-on that reads that log, skinners can incorporate that add-on however they want (a window, etc), and would make less work on our side. The community can test out various ideas and see what works or not, and then much further down the road maybe even standardize the best of the best.
I'd prefer the following:

1. Add match quality to videodb. It's already returned by scanners, so it's probably a pretty quick addition.
2. Smartplaylist grabs poorly matched ones out for easy fixing by the user.
3. Anything unmatched (or poorly matched) can then be dropped straight into the db using whatever info we have, with a clearly bad match quality.
...time passes...
4. Allow the fixups to be sent back to the scraper sites so they can improve matching on their end as well.

Sounds awesome. As long as we have something exposed that others can hook into, I think it will make GUI implementation open to all sorts of options that others can then explore.
I've started working on it for the video library - will push a branch up tonight. Have basically done 1+2. Number 3 takes a little more thinking, particularly the "unmatched" case. Gotta make sure it works for unmatched shows, where we have no episodeguide, so no matched episodes.