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Full Version: [openelec on raspberry] dialog control using remote via cec
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A few weeks back I got a RPi and used OpenELEC to start enjoying multimedia on my TV.

To my pleasant surprise, I could control XBMC using my TV control (my TV is connected to RPi using a HDMI cable). Everything works just fine except for one thing: there are certain dialogs where I cannot really get to important buttons (e.g. OK). One of such dialogs is 'Add Source...':
  • Open Videos
  • Open Files
  • Choose "Add Source..."
  • Navigate to "Browse"
  • Navigate to the right location
  • Try to confirm that location

I tried all kind of buttons (some responded "this function is not available"...), but I could not anyhow get to "OK" button to confirm my choice.

Is there a way? Or should I somehow reconfigure input configuration?


PS Some of the skins allow to navigate to the right button, though I'd like to stick with Confluence as I like it the most...