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Full Version: 13.0 Gotham - Merge window May 2013
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13.0 Gotham - Merge window May 2013


This is a work in progress list an may change without notice.
Please do not comment on github as that is dedicated for developers only to discuss the code changes.
If you have any issues please post these on the the XBMC forum.

Code merges:
These are the features/fixes that went in through a so called 'pull request'.
As always features are always done through these so there can be a code review done before merging these into mainline.
Features are only merged in from the first of the month till the tenth. After this the window closes and only bug fixes are allowed in.

PR2587 Add gesture handling to GUIControlGroupList and GUIEpgGridContainer
PR1772 [gui] added colordiffuse attribute on texture definition
PR2560 Allow auto extraction of thumbs/flags for webdav sources
PR2567 Add media parameter to Playlist.Item directory type
PR2616 [Python] Adds autoclose to the yesno dialog
PR2643 [Python] Add xbmc.getLangauge(int format)
PR2652 [Python] Add convertLanguage(const char* language, int format) method.
PR2600 ADD: JSON Favourites namespace (merge after PR2567)
PR2598 Add new Action ToggleCECDevice() to switch state of playing device via a CEC peripheral
PR2660 Settings refactor
PR2600 ADD: JSON Favourites namespace
PR2631 [airtunes ] Unify airtunes and use libshairplay by default (as on windows)
PR2580 Slideshow picture with video rework
PR2655 Add 'ShowPicture()' builtin function to display single picture.
PR2661 changed: improve logging customizability
PR2614 webserver: support for HTTP Range handling (makes HTTP streams seekable)
PR2685 Add CDDA demuxer
PR2699 move vdpau into hwaccel
PR2714 [Python] Uses addon's name for script error notification.
PR1892 Wake On Access (woa) - 'Just in time' WOL when accessing MySQL or FileShare Server
PR2522 GUILabelControl support new highlight selection text style with cursor support
PR2713 gui: two texture speedups
PR2627 [Python] Adds a convenience dialog. Dialog.notification()
PR2619 [OSX] support system input method
PR2685 JNI Overhaul
PR2718 JSONRPCServer, AirPlayServer, WebServer: listen on ipv6 if available, else fall back to ipv4
PR2665 add legacy videodb/musicdb path translation
PR2768 Add artist level to CD Audio rip path
PR2782 [GUI/Player] Proper subtitle lang-name string for kai toast


Noteworthy separate commit fixes:
Below is a list of fixes that went directly into mainline without going through the pull request process

Still to be merged:
Below is a list of pull request that are most likely to be still merged this merge window. This is however not guaranteed and this list may change without notice and can be moved to next month.

PR2614 webserver: support for HTTP Range handling (makes HTTP streams seekable)