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Full Version: Posting
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When posting is there a certain size that pictures should not go over? I found the forum rules on the wiki but no mention of posting pictures. I thought I'd better check before doing anything.

You could just post URL links to your pictures if they are large and you want to avoid clutter or delays in loading a page.
If it ever became an issue then we would be able to limit the size via the forum software, rather than setting a rule, just like we do with the size of images in signatures.
Ned Scott - that's a bit different. We can only change/alter the display size, but that wouldn't help if one starts to link 10MP pictures of his camera with 9 MB each.
@rattyjunk - just make sure the size in both, pixel dimensions and file size is sane. Everything > 1980x1080 is way to big, and everything > ~500 kB as well. Broadband internet is not available everywhere - so try to keep file sizes low if possible.
Ah, I thought it was just about visual size. Good point about large file size.