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Full Version: Filmaffinity scrapper issue
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Hi all,

First at all sorry for my english. I'm a beginer user of XBMC and I'm having problems using filmaffinity scrapper to get my movies information. I'm using XBMC 12.0 on windows 7 and it has been working well for months but now it doesn't find any movie although I'm providing the correct title as it appears in filmaffinity webpage. I've tryto search for movies I found once but now the scrapper doesn't find them. Any idea of what can the problem be?

Hi, Castoret. I suppose you are Spanish, so you'll be able to understand my ugly english too Wink

There was changes on filmaffinity web site, so the scrapper started to fail a few weeks ago. There are guys working on it ( http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=25389&page=36 ) If you are "very" newby, I don't recomend you to start messing with the xml files (althought is not difficult at all)... will be better to wait an official release.

Good luck!