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Full Version: Skin Building, Column Listings in My Video/Music
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ok, i've been searching and reading, and i'm unable to find out what controls how the filename is displayed in say my videos. navigating through folders, you come upon a video, and it displays the name, and size. how can i stop it from displaying the size? is this an option? do any xml files control this? they don't seem to, as i've looked. what i'm doing is creating a custom skin with larger fonts for reading off say an hdtv or projector. works great, using a custom font. i've edited hdeetv skins xml files to get eveything in order. but the size requirement cramps space and cuts off the video/music/whatever filename. it's unimportant (to me) and i'd like to remove it.
that's not skinable. you would have to modify the source code.
ahh, a roll your own. well, that's not really gonna work with releasing the skin to others, but.. i may look into it. oh.. well of course it's a little hard to compile the app without the xdk. sigh... thanks for your help. perhaps a feature request to have adjustable column views?