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Full Version: Volume Status Bar XBOX 360 Controller
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Not sure if this has been identified or not (unable to find anything) but when using my XBOX 360 controller to change the volume in this skin the progress bar acts very sporatically. For example when using the - and + on the keyboard the volume status bar changes smoothly and the color of the bar remains while the volume is being changed. However when using my XBOX 360 controller the color of the status bar constantly flickers, disappears and then reappears. I have been a long time aeon nox user which uses a similar volume bar and have not had the same issue with that skin. I have tried this in the main xperience 1080 skin as well as the xperience 1080+ and rainbow mods with the same performance.
 Does the label also act sporadically? Or does it maybe show different values than "0.0 dB", "-0.7 dB", "-1.3 dB", "-2.0 dB" etc. ?
The label works fine counting from -60db to 0db and from 0db to -60db it just seems to be the progress bar graphic that acts sporatically.
Can you try with the latest version from github -> https://github.com/Black09/Xperience1080 ?
Works perfectly now, thanks for the quick response.