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Full Version: I'm new to all this and could use some help**NEWBIE**
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I have worked many computers in the past and install hundreds of OS's and programs but this is my first time trying to build a linux XBMC system from bare motherboard up. What I am thinking is xbmcbuntu with video game emulators and a bluthooth remote. I have done some searching but I don't understand the language or terms that are being used. Also all the emulators I find are for MAC PC or Android. Can anyone help me understand how or what to do?

ECS Geforce6100sm v1.0-motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 DUAL CORE 6400+ AM2-cpu
16GB DDR2 800-ram (still looking for it)
1GB+ DDR2 or 3 Video Card PCI-e X16(still looking)
7.1 SPDIF sound card PCI-e X1-Came with it installed
SATA Raid x4 PCI-harddrive add-ons
1GB LINKSYS PCI-network card
Samsung Bluray Player-cd-rom
There are plenty of addons for game emulation, and plenty of linux based emulators. EG http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...on_Browser
Is there something similar to this for movies?
(2013-04-17, 23:40)CitrusTheDragon Wrote: [ -> ]Is there something similar to this for movies?

Similar to what for movies?
scan your folders and import video to local database
scrape artwork and meta data from various online sources
import local available descriptions, artwork and videos
filter videos by genre, year and publisher
favorites function
video details page
detect video in zip and 7z archives and ask user which video to load
Yes, its called xbmc once setup and configured will do all that not sure about movies in zip or 7zip though.

see XBMC_Quick_Start_Guide (wiki) Read all the content and follow links read and apply and done.

thanks for being nice to a newb guy. I can't wait to get my set up going. Anybody got tips on a remote, and game controlers?
I personally prefer the MCE remotes, I currently have a RC6 type RRS9002 which originally came with a hauppage WinTv card.
The great thing about MCE remotes is that they work out of the box with XBMC mappings, no need to modify keymaps by hand...

It looks like this:

I have bluetooth and was hoping to use it. But what will I need with the MCE remote?
I am starting the install tonight any advice or suggestions
My advice: just get on with it!

* un1versal makes a grumpy ol nickrs rispid comment, just get o'n wiv it govenor.
Ok I installed XBMCbutun and every time I try to start xbmc it loops around back to linux. I can't view pictures, play music, or watch movies. What have I done wrong.

BTW I feel really dumb right now