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How to make HDMI audio(to TV) for movies and SPDIF(to DAC) for music?
I have some audio-DVD as "VIDEO_TS" folder, so it should play via SPDINF to DAC.

XBMCbuntu 12.0
You have to switch this yourself.
What if I will use HDMI only for video including DVD?
You still will have to switch it yourself, it is not possible to have audio output redirected based on type of content at this moment (afaik).
Is it possible to send audio to the HDMI and SPDIF together?
Yes, should be.

see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=145430 but needs adapting to your hardware and config and that config file needs to be 100% error free, or it will kill xbmc when it attempts to start.

(2013-04-20, 09:35)Hisly Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible to send audio to the HDMI and SPDIF together?

The way xbmc works, especially the way it is opening the sinks is not optimized for doing such things. They might work, but I have seen to many cases where it breaks.
What kind of TV you using? Both the flat screen TVs I've owned have passed through audio via optical. So I have xbmc >HDMI>TV>optical>receiver. If I want surround sound I mute the TV and turn on receiver and vice versa.
Many TVs don't pass everything through.
Music I listen from DAC->amplifier and speakers stand far from TV. I going to use HDMI to look movies from TV.