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Full Version: XBMC 12.1 Startup Crash [ION]
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System: Revo 1600 NVIDIA ION

I was working on updating all the devices in my network to XBMC 12.1 tonight and got stuck on the upgrade of my main HTPC which serves as the NAS, hosts the XBMC shared MySQL database, and is my main XBMC setup. After doing a basic PPA upgrade from XBMC 12.0 to 12.1, XBMC now crashes on startup.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc

Crash Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720489/

I probably shouldn't even be trying to interpret the stack trace, but it appeared to reference asound calls. I have double checked that I do not have an asound.conf or .asoundrc config file. Any thoughts on what I should look into to resolve the issue?

Resolution: Issue solved by performing an apt-get upgrade as well as renaming the xbmc_video75 database to MyVideos75 (eg. not relying on the deprecated name parameter in advancedsettings.xml)
First ensure that you really dont have any possibly corrupt alsa config files at all, Just to make double sure.

Look in /etc/asound.conf and ~/.asoundrc and if you happen to have the a audio mixer addon, try to remove it for now.

Then do this.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-utils libasound2 xbmc xbmc.bin

Cross fingers Wink

sudo apt-get upgrade

make sure your libcec version is >=2.1.1
Thanks for the feedback! Per your request, I double-checked that I do not have alsa config files in the /etc/asound.conf and ~/.asoundrc locations. Can you confirm what you mean by removing the audio mixer addon? Were you referring to the XBMC Add On or a Ubuntu package (eg. alsamixer)?

I reinstalled the packages per the command in your previous post, but the situation did not improve.

I am usually pretty hesitant to run an apt-get upgrade of everything as that is usually how I hose my system in the first place! ...but since I was already up shit-creek and you have a good reputation, I figured I would give it a try. XBMC is now back up and running again (albeit without the video libary) and a quick check shows that my other services are still functioning as well.

Thanks again to both of you!
By addon I meant xbmc addon, but glad your sorted, partially, as for the mysqlstuff, maybe someone can tell you whats going on, from experience I have nothing to contribute in this area, since never used that setup myself.

Long story short, I checked the logs and noticed 12.1 was not trying to load my xbmc_video75 database which was pre-existing from 12.0, but it was trying to load database versions prefixed with MyVideos75. I ended up backing up all my databases then deleting the MyVideos75 database and renaming my xbmc_video75 database to MyVideos75. I'm surprised xbmc didn't automatically do this for me, but I figured I would post an update with how I fixed things.
Not surprised at all since the correct name XBMC is expecting is MyVideos#.db not xbmc_video#.db (where # is number)at best XBMC will take MyVideos60.db and import to MyVideos75.db, I dont imagine in any setup what you had was valid. But glad its sorted either way.

Please mark thread as solved.

However xbmc should not be crashing because of this, and tbh I think its bug sicne xbmc should just spit error out instead.