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Full Version: Facebook Media Token Error
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I get a Token error when logging on to Facebook media in Xbmc 12, win 7.
Anyone got a Final solution for this problem?Nod

Regards poldapaq.
me too, also tried disabling the "auto login" suggested in an other location.
Hi guys, my first post here.

I need to resurrect this thread as I am trying to use the Facebook media app and I get the token error. I have also tried disabling "auto login".

Has anyone been able to get it to work?
I`ve haven`t found any solution neither here or other forums.. :/
Tried everything on xbmc and fb.. Sad
That's what I thought because i haven't found a good working solution.

Probably on a future update.
is face book up to date on your xbmc.

8.9 i think it should be at not sure but its has to be above 3.0