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Full Version: New setup and very few clues
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I'm not totally clueless, but I've got enough questions to choke an elephant. They've probably been answered, but searches haven't really helped. If the answer lies elsewhere, feel free to slap me with a pound of wet biscuit dough and point me to the relevant area.

I recently built a new computer and decided to use the old one to create a HTPC. I'm using an Intel i5 (Ivy Bridge) with 4 GB of RAM and a 250 GB drive for booting and a DVD burner. I will be adding two or more huge drives (considering 3 TB drives) all with the intent to rip my DVDs to the hard drive so I can access the library in a more friendly manner.

I've done a test install of XBMCuntu and it works pretty well, although there were a couple of hiccups when I installed I was able to overcome them quite handily and the system runs as I think it should..

Some questions that I have: I want the DVD menus available so I have the same experience with movies as I do with the discs. I read elsewhere that ISO images are able to be used, although some metadata won't be accessible. I don't have a problem with this. I have no problem ripping DVDs on my Windows system but want a way to send the images to the XBMCuntu machine. I haven't tried anything like this yet, so I have questions about file storage and the like. For example, where on the HTPC should the files go? I'm not all that familiar with Linux in general, so how are new drives going to be handled when I install them? How will multiple drives be dealt with when I install them? Is there a program that can rip DVDs that is native to Linux that can be used under XBMCuntu?

That covers the basics right now.