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Full Version: new movies / new tv shows on home menu isnt sorted by year, but by date added
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Like the title says, any way to change that? i really dislike having the latest movies i added to be the new movies, i want it by year, as in new movie
Maybe I should change the name to recently added movies because that's what "new movies" is.
I sort of agree with you henrikyo I am on the xbox 360 dash now and xbox video it is new releases on the main screen. However I am looking at the movies and Black has done pretty much the same as the xboc video dash. If you go through then you see one film for 2012, but then after that comes a film for 2013 and there is a film for 2008. It is literally what is added onto their system, the same as yours.

So really if you download and install movies from the 1980's for example, then that is what you have added. If you only want today's movies then do not download the 1980's ones.

The problem that you have at the moment is that there are three skins of Xperience all being done by different people.

Black and Teambolt are the original programmers, but then you have had people do mods for the skin, so really you need to pitch your idea's to one or the other, I do not like too much change from Black's skin as it was pretty much perfect to start with so for myself then I would say it needs to be an option, rather than a total change of how the skin works.

Just to give you a word of advice though, please and thank you goes a long way rather than demanding something. Manners bring great rewards.
There not three versions of the "Xperience" atm. There is only one. The Xperience More, which is not a mod thus it was accepted to the XBMC Official Repo. It has been written from ground but always keeping the unique UI of the Xperience from Team Blackbolt. Actually the next version it will be a "going back to my roots" version in the name and the UI colors.

Black's (excellent) skin it was started as 1080 version of the original Xperience but now is turn out to something else. Amazing work, excellent skin but now is not "Xperience". I have already told Black that would be better and for his work and his skin to change the name to something else. It's up to him if he want's do it.

Hello Nessus

What's the difference between the skin,if you use Xperience More.
Whether this means that you can not changed significantly graphical layout.
How it was created Xperience More and 1080 version for xbmc as copies from xbox 360 dash or not.

Best Regards