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Full Version: Here's a few logo's
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About 50 logo's that didn't make it through the fanart.tv gatekeepers for one reason or another, but fills out a few holes in my collection, and for my needs the logos work. links..to a zip file, the ge.tt has a limited life.


Probably werent following the fanart.tv stringent rules ? ? (logos need to be original to the movie and just contain the title as they become cleararts !) - that is the 'some reason or another' that you happen to bypass - (that was explained to you on numerous occasions but neglected to heed so they were denied - even after our help) - yours - a gatekeeper - (I must point out that the logos arent original to the movies title in most cases and also contain images not found in logos but are decent images non-the-less which will pad out your movie collection until someone does the logos correctly)
Thanks, glad you like them.
I love them....... as cleararts