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Full Version: Subtitle Language not shown in menu: by design or bug?
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I was wondering, why do properly named subs not show up as their language in the subtitle selection menu?
For example I have the following files:

MovieName.2010.mkv (with in it a english language sub)

Since this follows the guidelines, I expected to be able to select the subtitle by language in the menu or with the remote.
However, I get the following menu items:
- English
- MovieName.2010.Dutch.srt

I also downloaded a sub with the official addon and it is automatically named as:

However, even though the renaming was done by the addon, it still also displayed as "MovieName.2010.nl.srt" , instead of "Dutch".

Is this by design? Why have a guideline if it's not used for this?
Is it a bug? Should it work?

(Tested on XBMC 12.2Pre Windows, and Rasbmc 12.1 Raspberry Pi)
The guideline is

Movie Name.anythinghere.ext

anythinghere can be the language, as that makes the most sense, but it isn't strictly for language.
Ok, I see. Well, then I guess I'll have to open a feature request for it.

It's a bit much work to mux it into all my MKV files so that the language is shown correctly.