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Full Version: Certification Sub Menu
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  • Check the information page (click "i") for some of your movies to see how the rating is expressed for your locale (which appears to be non-US). In the US, they are expressed as: "Rated G", "Rated PG", "Rated PG-13", "Rated R". So be sure the values you specify in your rules match how the ratings are stored in the library (as shown on the information page).
  • Your closing tags for your values are incorrect. For example:
    They should be, for example:
  • Your playlist is for Movies, but your rules refer to ratings for both Movies and TV shows. You need separate playlists for Movies and TV shows.
  • There is no issue with using multiple words in playlist names.
@ artrafael

All my movies use the UK rating as that is what I selected in the scrapper (Universal) and have check a few and they are indeed picking up the UK rating.

Re the "<" - thanks for picking that up as that was what was causing the Not Rated.xps to fail. My separate certification ones however were fine.

Re the separation: I get that with the Non Rated and changed them, however the one I labelled Non Rated TV shows has all movies in it and still none of the TV playlists have any of the TV shows in them, in fact their empty. They look like this and the xps labelled the same as the name in the code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
    <rule field="mpaarating" operator="is">
    <order direction="ascending">title</order>

I have a felling that is because XBMC is not picking up the certification from thetvdb via its scrapper (not sure if thetvdb has them). imdb does have them however but can imdb be used as a scrapper for TV shows and does XBMC even recognise TV show certification?
You will never see TV shows listed in a smart playlist as long as the type="movies".

Change type to "tvshows" or "episodes".

As I'd said in my previous post, you need separate playlists for Movies and TV shows/episodes.
Ha! Sorry completely hadn't realised I'd missed something so basic! Thanks artrafael.

Now I just need to work on the node issue from post # 14 above if that debug log helps at all.
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