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Full Version: JSON-RPC: TODO list
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Okay since I have very little time to work on XBMC right now and the time I have I'm spending on the settings refactor I thought I write down the TODO list I kept for possible JSON-RPC features/additions. The idea is to list all ideas and to decide whether something makes sense or not. If something is wanted and would be accepted into XBMC it will be in green. If it hasn't been decided yet it will be in black and if it has been "declined" it will be in red. That way anyone who would like to work on a specific feature can take a look at possible candidates.
To get something into the list just create a new thread in the JSON-RPC subforum and state your idea as detailed as possible i.e. how should the method be named, what parameters and options would it take, what would it return and what would it actually do. I'll try to add all of them to this list with a link to the actual discussion. If there's something without a link it's from my old internal TODO list so if you are interested in the idea, feel free to create a thread for discussion.

  • General
    • [F] generate ServiceDescription.h from *.json files during build
    • [F] permission system to allow/disallow clients access to specific methods
    • [F] CEC namespace to support controlling CEC capable devices (see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=149356)
  • Addons
  • Application
  • AudioLibrary
    • [F] add parameter to GetAlbums to retrieve compilations only
    • [F] RemoveAlbum(albumid) method
    • [F] RemoveSong(songid) method
    • [F] RefreshFoo(item) method to refresh a single media item (based on NFO or scraper) (see Trac #8998)
  • Favourites
  • Files
    • [F] add recursive listing to GetDirectory (see Trac #11209)
  • GUI
  • Input
  • PVR
  • Player
  • Playlist
    • [F] Create method to create a new playlist
    • [F] Destroy(playlistid) method to destroy a created playlist
    • [F] Sort(sort) method to sort items in a playlist (see Trac #10259)
    • [F] sort support in Add and Insert methods (see Trac #10231)
    • [F] limit support in Add and Insert methods (see Trac #10231)
    • [F] Move(item, position) method to support moving items around in a playlist (see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=161770)
  • System
  • VideoLibrary
    • [F] GetPeople(string type, properties, limits, sort) method to get a "peopleid" based list of actors, directors, writers, ... (see Trac #12148)
    • [F] add "personid" property to Video.Cast (only makes sense if the above GetPeople method is available) (see Trac #12149)
    • [F] RefreshFoo(item) method to refresh a single media item (based on NFO or scraper) (see Trac #8998)
    • [F] "filtering" support in SetFooDetails to be able to set details for multiple items
    • [E] VideoLibrary.Scan doesn't work for tvshow sub-directories (see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=158772)

  • [F] = Feature
  • [E] = Error/Bug
  • green = accepted
  • black = needs discussion
  • red = declined