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Full Version: Help to creat Addon / Script
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Hi I'm new in using Xbmc and want to create a Addon or script to select and display a list of streams (*. Strm)
The files are stored on my Media Player locally (AppleTV or RaspBerryPi or Pc).
When I select the addon, I have to see the list of streams that I have created and saved on my userdata area.
When I select a stream I need to execute the selected stream from my media player (XBMC).
When I launch I Xbmc and select videos, I need to also update my local stream files with updated files on my server.
I need to be able to set the url of the server folder where the files are stored.
Is there anythinks available on line?
A greeting and I hope you can help me.
If your "addon" is not intended to scrape a certain page or to reproduce a website in xbmc I would suggest u to have a look at the livestreams addon. You can create your costum xml in which you list the streams (name, thumbnail and url). You can even store the xml file in your server to keep it updated to all.

You can also create your own addon but, I think the livestreams addon is exactly what you're looking for!