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Full Version: Component video ????????
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12.10 Gefore 7600

HDMI works great but I cant get any output from component video, and I have not found any way to switch to it.
I already ran this sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-updates which fixed my other problems, but without component video I am in trouble as that is the only HD input on my system

I restarted the machine a few times and finally got a component video image, it is not distorted but the colors are all dramatically shifted to blue. The red, green and blue cables are patched correctly so that is not the problem. further, it will only support up to 1024X768 resolution. I ran this same machine and video card before with fedora 6 and it worked great at 1280 X 720. Not sure what to do with 12.10 the nvidia x panel has no usable adjustments for this which I find very odd for a video card utility.

I may have to buy an HDMI to component video down converter
I broke down and bought an HDMI to component video down converter, this works great, so I guess we can call this Solved