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Full Version: default audio track
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I have several tv episodes that have an AC3 audio track in german and a 5.1 dts audio track in english. XBMC keeps defaulting to the AC3 track and I have to switch it to dts every time. I save the settings as default after I change it when I'm watching an episode, but it always goes back to AC3. Is there any way to make XBMC default to the higher quality track?
In Settings -> appearance -> international you should be able to select your default audio and subtitle language. Set it to English and it will choose the DTS track.

You can also bind a key to audionextlanguage as seen here: http://www.maiman.net/2012/03/how-to-eas...s-in-xbmc/
There are 2 possible solutions:

Go to settings>appearance>international
Set prefered audio language to english

Go to settings>system>audio output
Select DTS capable receiver
Thanks for the quick replies. Setting the default audio to English (US) under settings->appearance->international did the trick!