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Full Version: Music video NFO / Scaper problems
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hi guys.
I'm running xbmc 11.0 git 20120321 on a windows 7 machine.
I cannot get my music video library into any reasonable order. It doesnt seem to read NFO files for music videos (movies and tv shows works fine).
i even had files that used to be recognised but when i tried to add an nfo they dissappeared and even after deleting the nfo and updating the library they didnt come back! sigh.
the wiki didnt help me as i have the NFO's named exactly the same as the files and also tried in and out of the folders etc etc...

Has anyone got NFO's to work or a scraper to work properly?? im sick of only being able to see all my music vids in "file" view only...
without a doubt the music video part of XBMC is THE single most frustrating feature.