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Full Version: Skinning Question
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i went through the totorials of how to change my pictures to my games and it was vey well made and worked without problem. i adapted was i learned and made "my games" work the way i want it (broken out by genre).

however i have 1 issue i dont understand. what makes the code put the same information in my programs as it does in my gamesHuh

i thought it was possibly the <execute>xbmc.activatewindow(myprograms, games)</execute> line in the home.xml file but i played with it changing it around removing the myprograms line adding in mygames ex ex ex.. nothing worked. then i thought it might be the fact that in the xboxmediacenter.xml file all of my bookmarks are under <myprograms>, so i changed them to <mygames> and that didnt work either.

please help me understand the code a little.

thanks big a
im not shure what tutorial you are talking about but the same information is there because of the myprograms.xml is used for both. i am not sure if you could set up 2 seperate xml files, one for programs and one for games. xbmc is skinnable but its not as dynamic as to be able to put anything on any window. there are different window ids that pertain to what items are displayed in each list ect.. alot of things are compatible with all windows, mainly information like weather and current music or video information. i don't believe you can have 2 different xml files one for programs only and one for games only. i know little compared to some of the people here but i am learning and the more i learn the more complicated and exclusive the skinning information becomes. everytime i think i have a good grasp on how it all works i come accross a new type of control or a window setup i never even knew was possible or existed.