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Full Version: The deadline to submit has passed. Keep an eye in this forum for mentor comments!
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All those of you who have proposed ideas in this forum, remember that to be accepted, you have to apply and submit your proposal on the GSoC site.

I just missed the deadline (it's Saturday morning) because I had it recorded incorrectly on my calendar. Is there any possible way I can still submit an idea to work on GSOC? My idea of for an XBMC add-on that allows people from different locations to watch a video in sync. My proposal is complete and ready to be fired off.
I know this has a very low chance of working out. I too have missed the deadline. I have the complete proposal ready.
I was swarmed with exams and couldn't submit the proposal earlier. Please let me know if there even a slightest chance of submitting my proposal.

Not as far as I'm aware. Next time, submit early, submit often. (You can always update your application as you go!)
Yeah, this is beyond our skills. You have to see if you can contact the GSOC organizers at Google, and I don't have any idea if that's even possible.
Thanks guys!