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Full Version: [RELEASE] IrcChat
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(2015-09-25, 19:31)MassIV Wrote: [ -> ]Actually it needs Nickname and Username and maybe password.

It is pulling the wrong sentence / string for the error message.

And yes you can launch without a having a movie or a stream playing.

But it's not so easy to start a stream after it's open because the chat covers the whole window (even though it's transparent).

Hmm...the networks and channels I access don't normally need a username and password - just a nickname. Is there a way to set it up to be used without having an account? I don't even know the first thing about obtaining a username or password for IRC. I just use web applets.
Don't believe you have to set anything up. It doesn't matter if your username is actually registered for most channels.
Just try filling that stuff out in settings and try to connect.

If it doesn't work try to connect to: irc.freenode.org #kodi

And then let me know.

[edit] Been two years since I looked at the code, but a quick look leads me to believe that there is no exception handling for those fields being empty.
So it only matters to the addon that they are empty, it's not the channel that is asking for this info.
I did fill that out. Not working. Once I registered a nickname... No problem
Is there an up to date guide for getting this to work?

I found http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:IrcChat, but its extremely vague and Im lost. (im familliar with irc, just no idea how to use this app.)

So far I opened configuration and set the server (irc.twitch.tv) and my user name and auth token.

If I manually fill in the channel right there in the config window and launch it it connects, but seems kind of a pita to enter the config and set the channel each time i want to switch channels.

Also no matter what i do I cant disconnect, or close the window, or do anything at all really, I cant even figure out how to type in chat. Had to close kodi just to close the irc window.

Ideally I would like to figure out how to launch this app while streaming twitch,and preferably automatically detect the channel.

I see a couple sections of code under "add-on integration" on the wiki page, but have no idea what Im expected to do with it..
hi MassIV,

the version on github is different to the one available through the kodi repo.

line 318
if not 'twitch' in self.host:

line 310
if not 'jtvirc' in self.host:

the following while loops are causing the disconnect issue which has been fixed (for twitch) on github but not at the kodi repo.

deinstall your version and try the one from github
I just spend a rediculously amount of hours modding this. Thx guys
Have it connecting at start. Promping for user and setup to just pm me. Have it animating out and working on either making it a service or integrating it into the skin. My main issue is that its always up and i cand get it to hide or pull anything on top of that. U have any insight
Do i have permission to work on this publicly?
Thx for showing me that, just thought id show a little respect ya know. I appreciate it
(2016-09-06, 12:17)Demonstratorz Wrote: [ -> ]My main issue is that its always up and i cand get it to hide or pull anything on top of that. U have any insight

This is just how these windows in Kodi work sadly. Even though it looks like a transparent dialog it really isn't. You can not just open whatever you want on top of one another.

Look at how we had to do the overlay window (with the WhoIs option) that pops up when you click a name of another person in the IRC channel.
We are not actually opening a window, it's already there and we are just making it visible.

Not sure what you want but i assume like video window or player controls. You can try to put a video window under or above in the xml with your own controls?

<control type="videowindow" id="2">

Happy to see someone pick up this project btw Smile
hey, awesome addon.. i had an idea for my project and it required a few things, one being an irc client built into kodi.

im working on a build(i know thats bad word but no piracy addon)
and what i need to happen is i need to be able to open the official Web Viewer addon by Rick Phillips and have it load the pre set homepage then immediately load the ircchat addon.

im using kodi callbacks to try to make this happen but failing hard.

i have no idea what im doing im a total noob. i can read code, understand the relationship between py and xml but i cant write any.
im usually missing something really simple. am i this time?
Color background seems fine in the Leia beta Sad
So why the long face?
LOL sorry, because the background (and the color selection) DOESN'T work on Leia (LibreElec)

Update: also checked on windows Leia Beta 3, same problem.
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