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Full Version: Help on creating tabs for demand 5 app for xperience
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Here is a printscreen of the demand 5 window i am working on.
I am working on a window for demand 5 content for xperience that looks the same as the windows 8 metro app, and i need to find a way how to switch between each tab like you can on xperience 1080.The way that i have done it is each tab has a seperate window and when you get to the last item on the window there is <onright>6164</onright> <onright>Dialog.Close(6163)</onright> that will close current window and switch to next tab. Only problem is that when you switch between them it doesn't look right and it flashes the previous window.
Does anyone know how to bring all the tabs into 1 window and then be able to switch between them like on the home screen of xperience 1080 ?

Short: Use a grouplist control.
cheers for that thats exactly what i was looking for Smile
God got to love XBox dare I say it Microgreed and Black for bringing this to the public and then to XBMC. For such a basic design it just ooozes quality. Now I know why I have never been a PS3 lover owned them and sold them. Can't wait to see this intergrated into XBMC.