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Full Version: has the button-nofocus.jpg problem been fixed?
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i noticed most all skins use a png image and put the jpg ending on it for the button_nofocus.jpg. they said it was all xbmc would except. is this still the case. if so i will set up my app to read a png image with the jpg extension. but that means all valid jpg images will not work. also it would be usefull to new skinners to know this if it is still setup for jpg only.
you shouldn't need to do anything. it's not a requirement for xbmc, though as the default skin still does it (i'll fix it when i get a chance) most other skins do it as well.

you might want to auto-detect the picture type based on a read of the first 4 bytes of the file so you can take care of this case though in the mean time.

to make it clear: xbmc has no file naming requirements for 99.9% of the skin. i believe that there are still a few hardcoded names (music.jpg springs to mind) that need addressing though, and i'll take care of these as soon as possible.

thanks for the reply, i will check into figuring out the type of image from the file not the filename. this should fix it.
i've just removed the invalid .jpg files from cvs.