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Full Version: Skin Themes and other changes
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hi all,

yes, your (not so) favourite skin wrecker here Smile

as you know, geminiserver implemented a skin themes system about a week or so ago and today i updated cvs with a few updates to this system.

how it works is pretty simple:

1. you have textures.xpr in the media/ folder as normal.

2. you add other <themename>.xpr files into the media/ folder. these should consist only of the images that you have changed to create the theme (eg you changed the background images for instance, so would only include them).

3. xbmc then picks up that there are different theme files present, and presents the user with a choice of themes:

* skin default: this uses just the textures.xpr file.
* <themename>: these first take images from the <themename>.xpr file, and if it can't load the image from there, it'll drop down and load them from textures.xpr file.

thus, the idea is that textures.xpr file should be exactly the same as it has always been: all the images in the skin. you then just place the ones that you change to "theme" your skin in the <themename>.xpr files.

let me know if you need further clarification - there is some additional notes in the online manual (see link in my sig).

other changes are:

1. music.jpg no longer exists. this was usually a renamed .png file, which isn't very nice, so instead i've killed it, and instead we are using defaultalbumcover.png. this is consistent with the other default icon images.

2. a new control "multiimage" has been introduced. see the online manual skinning section for all the details. you can find an implementation of it in pm3's homepage.