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Full Version: GSoC Proposal: Improved remote clients for android and iOS mobile devices
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Hi dear mentors and all friends here, I am a Chinese graduate student from University of Science and Technology of China. Since I am busy with my final exam recently, I nearly missed the deadline of application of GSoC, but you can't image how excited I was when I saw this project appeared on the project list. Since I have developed an client App which runs on iOS and make users control their computer by iPad during my internship in Microsoft Research Asia last summer!!

Short description: Develop clients for android and iOS mobile devices. Since I have internship experience(both development and research) in Microsoft Research focused on the multitouch feature development on windows8 and iOS devices. I think I am able to implement the excellent Apps with both rich and convenient multitouch gesture support and high frame rate on android and iOS devices.

Name: Cong Zhao
Email: [email protected]
Summary: Develop two remote media player clients run on android and iOS devices(tablet and smartphone) respective which can be controlled by only one hand (taken advantage of sensors) and high frame rate (taken advantage of GPU-accelerated features)
How will I achieve this: Add multitouch gesture support to the exist android and iOS clients(refer to this paper about single-hand controlled video playback application: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2382381). Profiling and tune the clients.
What will the project focus on: Multitouch-related API on android and iOS SDK, UE design, dynamic frame rate control under different network condition and performance (video playback frame rate) improvement.
Benefits: The users of XBMC will benefit most from this project. For the current XBMC iOS client haven't a remote playback function.
Goals: An android and iOS app which can controlled by only one hand and rich touch features and playback remote video with about 28fps frame rate under good network condition.
What does it touch in XBMC: xbmc/xos/ios and xbmc/xos/android。I think it's needn't to make any touch in Server End Code.
Requirements: I have already had a Macbook Air and high-speed internet access and an iPad mini, iPhone5, MB526(android smart phone). I think all these stuff will enough to finish the development works.
Possible mentors: Place to add possible mentors (Team-XBMC will add this).
I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "clients". Are we talking about remote controls like the official Android and iOS remote apps that already exist or something else?
(2013-05-03, 08:25)Montellese Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "clients". Are we talking about remote controls like the official Android and iOS remote apps that already exist or something else?

My idea is derived from the third idea of "http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Google_Summer_of_Code_2013#Projects_within_the_client.2Fserver_area" :Improved remote clients for tablet/touch devices - Design and implement a remote client for touch-based devices (Android, iOS) that interact with the main APIs that XBMC provides for client apps (JSON-RPC and UPnP server). This may involve building on the existing Android or iOS remote control, and extending the JSON-RPC API and/or UPnP server for any additional requirements, including server transcoding, remote control playback, using the remote as a local audio stream for quiet watching/listening with headphones, or even copying transcoded files locally for future playback.

The "clients" I mentioned contains the functions of "client" mentioned in the paragraph above. Besides that, it can directly play videos which stored in the PC. It acts like the Remote Desktop software such as the famous splashtop(http://www.splashtop.com/).