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Full Version: Error queuing folders
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Just thought I'd post in this section of the forum as I wasn't getting any response in the Official XBMC Remote section,

I have a problem with trying to queue [music] folders. With every folder I try to queue, it gives an error 'Error Queuing x' (where x is the folder location).

If I queue a single folder with only songs in it, it will give that error message but it will still queue. However if I try to queue another folder of songs behind it, I get the error message again, and [most of the time] the 2nd folder won't be added to the queue. (It will also start playing the first folder from the beginning).

If I try to queue a folder with subfolders inside it (eg an Artist with 2 or more Albums) - then I get the error message and nothing will go to the queue, regardless of if there is anything already in the queue or not.

If I queue songs individually, I get the error message for every song I add, (they do add to the queue though), but if I go and view the queue list, the 'Play' icon seems to stay stuck on the first song (even if one of the other songs are playing).

I'm on XBMC Remote V1.0.9, XBMC Frodo 12.1 (I was having this problem on Eden 11 so I updated to 12.1 but still no joy).

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

any help is much appreciated